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The Research Of George F. Kennan’s Realistic Diplomatic Thoughts

Posted on:2016-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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George F. Kennan’s realistic diplomatic thoughts are composed in two aspects.One is his thought of the way of keeping peace in atomic era and the other is his research on Russian characteristics and US strategy to Russia.Kennan’s research on classic diplomacy was actually about the history of European diplomacy in the late nineteenth century, which examined his thought of the way of keeping peace in atomic era. His research on classic diplomacy was not simply about the diplomatic history itself but the criticism of US government. His government abandoned the political-economic means and adopted military means to contain the Soviet Union. Because Kennan praised highly of the classic diplomatic era, actually he appealed to the statesmen in the nuclear era for recovering the tradition of abstention in the old years.Kennan’s Russian studies consisted of two sections:the Russian characteristics and US strategy to Russia. Kennan regarded Russia under different regimes as a whole to seek the continuity of Russian history development.Kennan’s containment thought was his core strategy to Russia. His containment strategy was just political-economic means, while military means was not concluded in Kennan’s strategy.In fact, military means was implemented by the US government as a foreign policy. In Kennan’s containment strategy, the ideology is not the main factor.
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