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Student satisfaction with selected academic and institutional factors at Eastern Oklahoma State College, 1995-1998

Posted on:1999-07-26Degree:Ph.DType:Dissertation
University:Oklahoma State UniversityCandidate:Harp, Randal MarkFull Text:PDF
GTID:1467390014971514Subject:Agricultural education
Scope and method of study. The purpose of this study was to measure and compare student attitudes toward academic and institutional factors related to retention of students at Eastern Oklahoma State College. The study included 1,676 students that attended Eastern Oklahoma State College from 1995 to 1998. The students were surveyed for their attitudes at one or two of three points of time during their college experience. They were observed at mid-second semester, and at graduation or withdrawal. American College Testing Program (ACT) surveys (Student Opinion, Outcomes, and withdrawal/Nonreturning Student Survey) were utilized at the respective time periods. Both traditional and non-traditional students as well as agriculture and non-agriculture students were compared. Descriptive statistics were used for all students as well as "t" tests for testing differences between the two comparison groups.;Findings and conclusions. Overall levels of satisfaction were nearly equal for academic factors between mid-second semester and graduation. Levels of satisfaction in Institutional factors were slightly lower at graduation in most factors. All factors at most times rated satisfactory except Residence Halls, Cafeteria, and Parking, which were neutral. This indicated students were satisfied with academic and institutional factors overall both at mid-second semester and graduation with very little variation in any factors. Most were satisfied with class size as indicated by ratings. There were no significant differences between traditional and non-traditional students at either mid-second semester or graduation in academic factors and all rated satisfied. Three institutional factors (Orientation, Cafeteria Services, and Parking Facilities) were rated significantly higher by non-traditional students at mid-second semester. Two (Financial Aid Services-higher and Social Involvement-lower) were rated significantly different by non-traditional students at graduation. This indicated they agreed on a majority of the factors and were satisfied with all but Cafeteria Services. Agriculture students rated all academic factors higher than non-agriculture students with four significantly higher at mid-second semester and two at graduation. They rated one institutional factor significantly lower at mid-second semester and one significantly higher at graduation than the non-agrictilture students. This indicated agriculture students were more satisfied than non-agriculture students with all factors (except Financial Aid Services, Residence Halls, and Cafeteria Services at mid-second semester). Three of the top five reasons for withdrawal in school related to finances (or job), but all only rated as minor reasons. Identification of major reasons for withdrawal was not accomplished.
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