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The Research On The Sedimentary System And The Favorable Area Prediction Of Chang2 Of Yanchang Group Of Upper Triassic In Tiebiancheng Area Of Ordos Basin

Posted on:2011-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X WengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360305959360Subject:Solid Geophysics
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As the second largest basin of China, Ordos Basin is a large multi-cycle cratonic basin, within which the tectonic movement is weak and the oil & gas resources are rich. The Tiebiancheng study area is located in central and western part of the northern slope of Ordos Basin, and the purpose layers is an important oil-bearing layers of Chang2 of upper Triassic.Even after years of study we have achieved certain results, we still face some problems as stratigraphic division chaos, issues of sedimentary facies and palaeogeomorphology and so on, which bring great difficulties for the late exploration and development.According to well logging, testing and other testing data of mining, combining with the cycle of sedimentation, sedimentary texture and structure and other means,the author used the basic principles of Sedimentologic and sequence stratigraphic to research and evaluate the structure characteristic of sedimentary, the characteristic and distribution of reservoir, the rules of gas distribution and forming, the favorable area forecast comprehensively of the established layer of the block on the cooperation area.The Chang2 of Yanchang group is the deposition for a delta formed during the dying of the lake basin. In the early days it developed delta plain and delta front, and in the late days it only developed delta front. The tectonic movement is weak in this area, and the lithology-structure reservoir formed in the reservoir of Chang2 in the background of monoclinic of western tilt. The sand of underwater distributaries channel developed extensively in Chang2, providing favorable place for the accumulation of oil & gas, and is the main reservoirs. The main controlling factors of oil & gas's accumulation in Chang2 are the stacking of sand of underwater distributaries channel, the deposition of shale cap of Changl and rock shelter of the gulf between streams in the dip direction. Finally we optimized the favorable exploration area of Chang2 of Yanchang group after analysis compositely the sedimentary facies, distribution characteristics of sand body, structural characteristics, the performance of reservoir and some other factors.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordos Basin, Tiebiancheng area, Yanchang group, sedimentary facies favorable area
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