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Preparation Of Inorganic Porous Materials And Assembly Of Luminescent Material

Posted on:2006-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360155970687Subject:Inorganic Chemistry
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Recently, assembling functional material in inorganic porous materials has aroused investigators' intensive attention. It has extensive application foreground. In this dissertation, we assemble luminescent materials in self-prepared anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) membrane and porous silicon dioxide (P-SiO2).In chapter one, the morphology, structure, anodization mechanism and evolution of inorganic porous materials' application (AAO membrane and P-SiO2) are discussed.In chapter two and three, the preparation process, structure and property of AAO membrane are discussed. And the relation between aperture, morphology and processing parameter of anodization are studied.In chapter four, the optical properties of rare earth ions and europium-o-phthalic acid luminescent chelate embedded in membrane are discussed. Eu3+, Tb3+ are introduced into the voids of porous AAO membrane (AAO: Eu3+, Tb3+) by hydrothermal reaction, the structure and spectra of AAO: RE3+ are discussed. The results show that the materials synthesized by this method have favorable color purity and higher quenching concentration. Europium-o-phthalic acid luminescent chelate embedded in AAO film wtih the same method, functional materials with nanodimension are prepared. The particle diameter of chelate in AAO membrane is homogeneous, approximately 67nm, coincide with the aperture of match plate. The samples in AAO membrane are amorphous.In chapter five, the optical properties of rare earth ions and RhB embedded in P-SiO2 are discussed. Eu3+ and Gd3+ are introduced into the voids of porous silicon dioxide (AAO: Eu3+, Tb3+) by hydrothermal reaction. Under the excitation of ultraviolet light the spectral behaviour and the composition dependence on optical properties of Eu3+ and Gd3+ in P-SiO2 were studied. Eu3+ optical property has favorable color purity. The energy transfer of Gd3+â†'Eu3+ in P-SiO2 was originally observed. The results show that Gd3+ has a good sensitization effect on Eu3+. The nanocomposites were obtained by embedded RhB in P-SiO2. The photoluminescence (PL) was measured and a blue shift in the peak of PL spectra was observed.
Keywords/Search Tags:anodization, AAO membrane, porous silicon dioxide, rare earth ions, hydrothermal reaction, luminescence, blue shift
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