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Study On The Solid-liquid Equilibria Of Ternary System Of Trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol

Posted on:2007-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360185971603Subject:Chemical processes
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"Study on the Solid-Liquid Equilibria of Ternary System of Trans-1, 2-Cyclohexanediol" is one of subjects funded by Henan Outstanding Person Foundation. For further theoretical research of production, separation and application of trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol, the solid-liquid equilibria of ternary system was researched on the basis of corresponding binary system of trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol.According to the results of the former study in our laboratory, trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol is produced with a lot of acids and water, for extraction of trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol from the solution, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate were used as extraction reagents, the solubility data of the trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol in corresponding mixed solvents of some sorts of acetates and water are needed. So it is necessary and urgent to study the solid-liquid equilibria of trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol. Moreover, considering the influence of price and the effect of extraction, other sorts of acetates were investigated.By consulting a large amount of documents and materials, theories of solid-liquid equilibria have been comprehended, such as measurement of the solubility, and the method of data of fit and prediction. Solubility measurement equipment with laser monitoring system was used in which the speed of increasing temperature and determine solubility data accurately and fast can be controlled. Through solubility measurement of benzoic acid in water as standard system, we found determination error smaller than 3 %, which indicates the equipment used in the experiment is dependable.Using the equipment of solubility determination set up by ourselves, solubility data of trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol in mixed solvents of ethyl acetate and water, methyl acetate and water, butyl acetate and water were measured respectively. Constant temperature dissolving, one way of synthesis methods, was used to measure the solubility data of trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol in mixed solvents of ethyl acetate and water in the temperature range from 300.15 K to 323.15 K, butyl acetate and water in the temperature range from 298.15 K to 323.15 K. Various temperature dissolving...
Keywords/Search Tags:trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol, Solid-liquid equilibria, Solubility, UNIFAC group contribution model
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