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The Dispersion Of Carbon Nanotubes And Fabrication Of The Device

Posted on:2011-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F QiFull Text:PDF
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According to Moor's law, the trend of highly integrated electronic components will reach the limit in the next 5-10 years, because of the restrictions of silicon (Si) elements'physical properties. Carbon nanotubes has been recognized widely for their unique characteristics and been treated as a substitution for a Silicon material. Carbon nanotube field effect transistor is the study of the Hotspot. It is the device that be most likely to replace the MOSFET and keep Moore's law in all molecular electronic devices.In this paper, we try to prepare a carbon nanotube field effect transistor using a simple and practical way. In this article, the main activities include:The carbon nanotubes was modified by adding a surfactant or acid oxidation processing methods to made the high solvent decentralization of carbon nanotubes. Electrodes have been prepared by Photolithography process. The minimum channel 10μm. The channel of devices was prepared by Rotation Czochralski method. A simple test system has been prepared to test the carbon nanotube field effect transistors, base on the electrical properties.
Keywords/Search Tags:carbon nanotubes, field effect transistor, dispersion, electrical characteristics, testing
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