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Research On The Equalization Charge Technology For Li-ion Battery Series In EV Application

Posted on:2012-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132330338451826Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The critical problem of Electronic Vehicles(EV) in the course of its practicality is about battery,and now various countries in the world are researching it strongly,including battery and its charging methods.At present the research on battery chagring focuses mainly on charging methods intemally and abroad,but rarely on equilibrium charging.The imbalance of serial battery pile will bring various important influences to its charging, and each charging method is faced with the problem and need to settle them.So the researeh on equilibrium charging is the important part of chagring research, and will promote the course of EV's practicality. So there is practical meaning for studying it.On base of analyzing the research of charging methods and the methods of equilibrium charging internally and abroad,the scheme of Buck-Boost units equilibrium charging circuit is adopted in the thesis. A voltage equalization fuzzy control algorithm has been designed and has been verified by simulating studying and experiment studying.The main research contains:(1) Analyzed the factors that shorten the cycle life of battery pack as well as their causes.Then we compared different balancing criterions.(2) Combining with the need of the equalization circuits, detailed tests and research on lithium-ion batteries'characteristics have been done and significant conclusions for equalization circults are drawn.(3) Aming at different balancing methods both domestic and abroad, pointed out the problems in balancing effects, costs and practicality. Then introduced the principle of balancing circuit based on Buck-Boost, and accounted the parameters of assembly.(4) Designed the lithium-ion batteries serial equilibrium charging fuzzy control arithmetic. And particular explained the design method of Fuzzy Controller(FC).(5) For verifying the correctness that theory designed, the author has simulated the lithium-ion batteries serial equilibrium charging fuzzy control arithmetic with 3 series lithium-ion batteries based on MATLAB/SIMULINK platform.and has studied the experiment progress systematically. It realized the purpose that apply the fuzzy control arithmetic in lithium-ion batteries serial equilibrium charging.
Keywords/Search Tags:EV, lithium-ion batteries serial, Buck-Boost, equilibrium charging, fuzzy control
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