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Probability Analysis Of One Dimensional Nonlinear Consolidation Problem

Posted on:2004-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360092470873Subject:Geotechnical engineering
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In this paper,the statistics method of geotechnical parameter is introduced in detail and the random field theory is remarked on. The influence of the uncertainty of geotechnical parameter to one-dimension consolidation is analyzed and the reliability of one-dimension consolidation also is discussed. These including:Based on the reliability checkout of experiment data,the optimum fit of probability model by finite contrast method can be used to avoid Type II error and the estimation of distribution parameter with extended Bayesian method to avoid the phenomenon that the results err from matrix owing to the lack of experiment data.In this paper,the random field model of geotechnical parameter is also expatiated in detail. Several methods calculating auto-correlation distance are summarized and the calculate example is provided.The sensitivity of one-dimension consolidation degree to the uncertainty of seepage coefficient,void ratio and compression coefficient is analyzed,then,the reliability of percent consolidation is analyzed with JC method and the steps of calculation are presented.Along with variability of vertical coefficient of consolidation rising,the sensitivity of probability characteristics of average percent consolidation of double-layered soil to the variability of vertical coefficient is falling,and the sensitivity of it to the variability of vertical coefficient is rising. The formulas for computing mean and deviation of the average consolidation degree of double-layered soil are derived as vertical coefficient of consolidation submitting to Gamma distribution. With these formulas,the influence of geotechnical auto-correlation distance to the probability characteristics of consolidation degree is studied. It shows that along with the rising of auto-correlation distance,the sensitivity of probability characteristics of consolidation degree to auto-correlation distance is falling. The reliability of consolidation of double-layered soil is analyzed by Monte-Carlo method. A probability design coefficient is defined,and the relation between the coefficient and failure probability is given,then the process for probability design of double-layered soil consolidation is provided.
Keywords/Search Tags:one-dimension consolidation, double-layered soil, geotechnical parameter, random field, auto-correlation distance, probability analysis, reliability
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