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Consolidation Reliability Analysis Of Double-layered Ground With Sand Well

Posted on:2014-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Q HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330395998372Subject:Geotechnical engineering
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The feasibility of estimate the autocorrelation distance about consolidation coefficient is checked. The calculation method of consolidation coefficient is summed up. Introduce the random field model to connect "point features" with "spatial features", and choose appropriate autocorrelation function to unite autocorrelation distance and variance reduction factor in order to determine space average value态space variance and space variable coeffcient of consolidation coefficient. The sensitivity analysis about consolidation degree of double-layered ground with sand well to uncertainty of consolidation coefficient is discussed based on two-point probability estimation theory. The calculate formula about consolidation degree eigenvalue of double-layered ground with sand well is derivated. The analysis about spatial probabilistic festures of consolidation of double-layered ground with sand well is conducted based on the analysis of affection about average consolidation degree to autocorrelation distance of radial consolidation deree. Introduce the center design factor to summary the probability analysis simplified method about consolidation of double-layered ground with sand well. Calculate the reliability index based on the checking point method, test the precision about using checking point method to calculate reliability index based on the monte carlo method. Apply reliability design theory to practical engineering, and calculate reasonable spacing of sand drain that engineering need. Develop the GUI of MATLAB at the end of the article, and convert those complicated programs and calculation process that involved into module in order to proceed dynamic demonstration in the graphical interface.
Keywords/Search Tags:autocorrelation distance, two-point probability estimation theory, spatial probabilisticfestures, simplified method, reliability index
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