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Energy Management System For Countryside Distribution Netwoeks

Posted on:2005-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360122495705Subject:Agricultural mechanization project
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The power transmission is from generate electricity system to user it makes the electrical appliance work possible. In the power transmission system reactive capacity and active power is closely related to each other transe the active power the reactive would be waste and transe the reactive power the active power would be waste either. If wasteing a mount of reactive capacity it shoud be coursing lots of power loss and higher voltage excursion at the same time so optimizing reactive capacity play an important role. The computer technology and communicaton technology improving at high speed it is possible gathering the nicety real-time data of the distribution network real-time must be the new request to the control-system of distribution network. This paper aims at the characteristic of rural network bases on the real-time data analsys these decentralized data gains the connection configuration of the distribution network; and counts real-time power loss; flow calculation is base and tool of reactive power optimizeing its counting speed and astringency effect the result of optimization straight through studying the arithmetic of distribution network flow calculation this paper uses a compensation-based power flow alternate iterating algorithm which has higher efficiency higher speed better stability; the object is to minimize the power loss and compensation cost in a year this paper does power system reactive optimization compensation with genetic algorithm bring the original seed which size is associated with the control variable and applying sensitivity analysis in order to decrease the searching space of GA; this paper uses the thrice sample to protract the curve of reactive capacity in addition. The software of power system in the research has been developed by VC++6. 0 with a favorable man-computer interface system and realizing dynamic database link.
Keywords/Search Tags:the system for energy management, power loss calculation, reactive capacity optimize, genetic algorithm
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