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Research On System Of Crane Peak Value Power And Inertia Energy Recovery Based On Supercapacitor

Posted on:2007-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2132360182482217Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Supercapacitor is a novel energy storage component, which appeares in US since 1960s, and moves towards the market gradually in the 1980's. It integrates the advantages, such as high power density characterized by conventional capacitors, high energy density characterized by rechargeable batteries, the fast charge/discharge performance and the long life. Thus, it is expected to be an energy storage component with high efficiency and practicability. The supercapacitor can apply on the harbor hoisting machinery. It may preferably resolve hoist crane peak power and the inertia energy recycling question, getting up to the energy conservation, the environmental protection effect.In order to solve the energy two-way transmission problem, this article proposes one kind of phase-shifted full-bridge soft-switching bi-directional DC/DC converter. It takes the supercapacitor as the controlled member and takes TI Corporation's TMS320LF2407A DSP chip as control core. The converter maintains soft switching in wide load range, and reduces switching losses. As a result, weigh and volume of the converter will be reduced largely, and the converter will have high power density and fast dynamic response.At the same time, the converter has the virtue of structure compact of ordinary hard switch converter.The article divides into six parts. Prolegomenon part of the article introduces supercapacitor characteristics, application situation, system profile and the work done by the author.The bi-directional DC/DC converter work principles is provided in the second chapter.The converter main circuit design and the driving circuit design is investigated in the third chapter.The converter control system is analyzed detailedly and the control system software and hardware design is introduced in the fourth chapter. The system simulation and the experiment is done in the fifth chapter.Finally, the summary and forecast of the article is given in the sixth chapter.Pspice simulation is used in the project, which validate the feasibility of structure. The experiment is done based on the simulation, and the experimental waves aregiven.This article also introduces the control system of the bi-directional DC/DC converter. It emphasizes the control system stability and the anti-jamming. Finally, experience of the control system software and hardware design is summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supercapacitor, soft-switching, bi-directional DC/DC converter, DSP, PSPICE
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