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Experimental Research On DSC And Combustion Of Huadian Oil Shale And Semi-coke

Posted on:2007-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y PuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360212985907Subject:Thermal Engineering
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Oil shale is a kind of potential energy and its reserves is tremendous. The dev- elopment and utilization of oil shale have history of nearly 200 years. Because oil shale contains high mineral contents, it usually can be used by refining shale oil.If unreasonable processing semi-coke of refines oil, the huge pollution to the envir- onment will be caused. Therefore an oil shale comprehensive utilization project of"OS retorting, semi-coke combustion and building materials production"is carried out.In this paper the adsorption isotherms of oil shale and its semi-coke were obt- ained. The analysis of adsorption isotherms shows that samples are the typical‚Ö°type adsorption isotherms and the H3 type hysteresis loops. Comparing the porous structure of different temperature semi-coke, we found that pyrogenation is advant- ageous to the porous production and development, and especially it makes the porous quantity increase. The exothermic peak and endothermic peak of samples were obtained by American TA Corporation's DSC-Q100. Through the analysis of samples'DSC curves, we can elicit that producing oil shale's exothermic peak is divided two or more stages, but the two stages is not obvious. Compared DSC cure and end temperature semi-coke under different heat rate with Dachengzi oil shale, the conclusions are obtained that the elevation heat rate is bigger, the peak warm is higher.In view of the fact that the domestic and foreign researches of oil shale and the semi-coke circulation fluid bed burning way and its pollutant are few and its technology is not mature, the small fluid bed test platform was built and characte- ristics of Huadian oil shale and semi-coke burnout were studied, then influence law of different influence factor's to burns, such as bed temperature,particle size,semi-coke temperature and mixture ratio luence, were obtained. The pollutant characteristic of the discharges of Huadian oil shale and semi-coke mixes combustion were studied by the large-scale circulation fluidized bed test. Comparing the characteristics of discharges about SO2,NO,NOX on the different combustion operating mode, the pollutant distributed rules along furnace highly direction were obtained. The emission of NO, NOX will reduce if primary air is increased , but the emission of SO2 will increase. The emission of SO2,NO,NOXwill be less when the proportion of oil shale in the mixed fuel of shale and Semi-coke gets bigger.
Keywords/Search Tags:oil shale, Semi-coke, Physical chemistry adsorption, DSC, Burnout characteristics, pollutant
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