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Optical Design Of The Raman Spectrometer

Posted on:2010-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360275499402Subject:Physical Electronics
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Raman spectrometer as a large-scale equipment in the field of spectral analysis is very important. So it is very important to design and manufacture Raman spectrometer that is fitting in with the condition in our country.In this paper, made of design a Raman spectrometer optical structure. Mechanical design with a simple, compact solid, optical fixed, low stray light, easy-to-use and high-energy utilization, and other advantages. Specifically include the following:Raman spectrum of technology development and application of research to do a more complete explanation of the Raman spectroscopy.Introduction of theoretical background as well as in various fields of application status. Structures of a conventional Raman detection system, excitation light at 532nm under the excitation of detergent, sugar, plastic and Raman spectra of ethanol, ethyl ether. From the measurement results, the conventional structure of the existence of scattered light weak disadvantage, so the results of Raman mapping greatly affected.Self-integrating-sphere model has been developed outside of the structural design of optical path. Key technology is the Raman detection system add integrating sphere, and outside the optical path integration. Alignment analysis of each step of the final spectral imaging quality. Outside the optical path of integration with the Integrating Sphere at the domestic production of Raman detection system is the leader in the field. Samples of the same analysis of the results, compared to conventional structure, with high resolution, good repeatability, reliability and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Raman, Raman spectrometer, conventional structure, integrating sphere
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