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Smooth The Fluctuations In Wind Farm Outputs By Battery Energy Storage System

Posted on:2011-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G W SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360305478438Subject:Power system and its automation
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With the dwindling of traditional energy sources, distributed generation technologies become a new research hotspot in power system. Distributed power generation equipment connected into the power grid, it tends to bring a lot of problems. Increasing the energy storage device reduces its impact on system stability ,which has great significance for improving power quality. Wind energy is currently viewed as one of the most promising renewable energy sources. With more and more wind power units in the Grid, Wind power on power system stability of operation and power quality has attracted wide attention. To improve the stability of wind power generation, suppression of wind power due to voltage fluctuation and flicker become an important issue.In this paper a three-phase voltage-type PWM rectifier is researched for the system. Design a system with the battery energy storage system(BESS) to smooth the fluctuations in wind farm outputs. The working principle of the system is analyzed, and a mathematic model of battery energy storage system is build in ABC coordinate,╬▒╬▓coordinate and dq coordinate. The space vector control principle is formulated, deterministic method of the vector's sector is deduced in detail and the calculation of action time of the vector by DSP. Corresponding control strategy is developed. The access method for chief parameter of three-phase PWM rectifier is discussed.MATLAB simulation results show the system can smooth the fluctuations of the power output. Design the system's hardware framework. Provide a frame of reference for the physical implementation process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fluctuations of the power output, BESS, Space vector, PWM control
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