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Study On Fault Location And Contigence Restoration Of Regional Power Gird

Posted on:2011-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y BiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360308952264Subject:Power system and its automation
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With the development trend of large power grid systems, extra high voltage, large generator units, and long-distance transmission, however, the situation of power construction lagging behind economic development still exists. The chance of that electric power system works close to the limits of transmission capacity greatly increases, thus to a large extent threat the voltage stability incident. Traditional faults are caused by loss of angle stability or voltage stability due to simple failures, thus results in large-scale power outages. Recalling the vicious system incidents occurred at home and abroad, which have different reasons, the phenomenon of large-scale blackout by chain failures has occurred several times. How to classify the accidents qualitatively, and make prevention measures, corresponding incident handling strategy is of great importance.Security is essential to successfully host 2010 Shanghai World Expo,while the electrical safety is the most important basic link to the security system. Once blackout occurred during 2010 Shanghai World Expo, confusion will result in the World Expo area, which will have a tremendous negative impact to China's international image, and the consequences would be unthinkable.In order to improve the reliability of electricity supply, when there is a failure in the distribution network, it is important to identify fault section quickly. In this paper, the causes of the power incident are classified, the incident region methods are submitted, two typical algorithms of fault location of power system are analyzed, the advantages and disadvantages of general matrix algorithm and the region identification algorithm used in fault location are comparatively analyzed, and improved algorithm is proposed, general matrix algorithm and improved algorithm are respectively adopted in a certain area of the actual power grid, used for analysis and verification model. Effectiveness of study on genetic algorithm for fault location is proven.It's of great importance to study the approach of prevent catastrophic accidents. From multi-perspective, the approach of handling the accidents and their advantages and disadvantages has been evaluated. Taking the distribution network for instance, a typical recovery of its control strategy has been introduced. On the basis of Minimum-cost Spanning Tree (MCST), a detailed calculation and analysis have been done concerning with the actual incident restoration, which assists the popularization of the practical application. Taking a reference to the incident handling procedures, operations based on 3-defense lines and dispatching schedule are summarized in details.Finally, from the perspective of the distribution network characteristics and the significance of Distribution System Reconfiguration, an important role in network reconfiguration t is raised, the optimization model of the distribution network is explored, several algorithms for distribution network reconfiguration are studied, the calculation can be combined to corresponding algorithm of reconstruction .
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional Power Grid, General Matrix Algorithm, Incident Region Method, Improved Algorithm, Fault Location, Incident Handling, Minimum-cost Spanning Tree
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