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The Analysis Of Proteome In Longan Embryos During Different Development Stages

Posted on:2007-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Longan (Dimdcarpus longana Lour.) is one of the special fruit in south of China. It plays an important role in domestic market and foreign trade. The large seed in longan fruit is the most important factor impacting on its quality. The method and technology of proteomics applies to this research. To investigate the biological function of special proteins, reveal the molecule essence of development and differentiation and clarify the law from gene to phenotype were studied by comparing longan embryo proteomes during different development stages.The proteomes of 'lidongben' and 'honghezi' longan zygotic embryos during different development stages were separated and compared, which appear clear protein patterns of gels. The results showed that there were some differences in the proteomes of longan embryos during different development stages. Thirty-six differential proteins (up-regulated or down-regulated) were separated. Twelve proteins (seven house-keeping proteins and five differential proteins) were broadly identified in 'lidongben' longan embryos by MALDI-TOF/MALDI-TOF-TOF. Among those, protein L14 (MYB-like transcription factor DVL1), protein L15 (FRK) and protein L8 (F3H) were related to flavonoids metabolism. Protein L17 (BCAT) and protein L15 (FRK) was the enzyme related to sugar metabolism. Protein L13 (sSHP) might be molecular chaperones. Protein L2 (FIP2) was related to potassium transporting across cell membranes. Protein L6 (Pre-mRNA cleavage complex ii protein clpl-related) took part in Pre-mRNA cleavage. Protein L20 might be a major storage protein. The function of protein L16 (3-hydroxyisobutyryl-coenzyme A hydrolase homolog) and L19 (At1g14310) were unknown in the embryo development of longan. In addition, protein L1 (TGT) was undiscovered in the plant.
Keywords/Search Tags:longan, embryo development, proteome, house-keeping proteins, differential proteins
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