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Insurance Rate In Timber Yard Of Northeast Forest Zone Based On Fire Danger Grades

Posted on:2012-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2143330335973310Subject:Forest Engineering
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The yard is the final place of logging, making, timbering and supplying woods after the woods were cut down. Once the yard caught fire, it would be very difficult to survey the fire and fight the fire because of the large amounts of the timbers lots. Serious fire damage may make operators can't afford. To avoid this situation, the yard must to input a lot of manpower and resources for the fire each year. This will be one of the best ways to the yard to disaster prevention and reduce the loss, which the fire risk can reduced to a certain extent through increase the fire safety input first, then the rest of risk transferring to the insurance company to undertake. For the insurance company, underwriting the fire insurance of the yard can increase the market share and enhance the market competitiveness. So, the research for the fire insurance premium rate of the yard is meaningful for the yard and the insurance company.The article discussed the insurance and fire control interactive mechanism of the yard. Then, based on the study summary of fire danger rating at home and abroad, choosing the most representative factors as evaluation index by analysis the main influencing factors of the happen and develop of the fire for the yard of northeast forest region. Including the storage units, the fire control facilities, the air temperature, the rainfall, the wind speed, the air humidity, the number of production, the equipment use hours and the fire protection inspection dynamics. Get all of the indexes weights combined with the analytical hierarchy process and the checklist. And then educes the calculation formula for the fire danger rating. This formula can play a guiding role on the yard fireproofing. The yard can judge the dangerous level and make corresponding fire prevention measures according to them own actual situations and the calculation formula for the fire danger rating.Researching for the fire insurance premium rate of the yard, according to the derivation method of the fire insurance premium rate and based on the fire danger rating assessment. Then get the insurance rate floating sheets from it. This insurance rate adjusting method is on the basis of the different fire danger rating of the yard to decided how to raised or cut. So it's consistent that the premium and the actual fire risk status of the yard. In order to validate the reasonability of this model, we can combined with the basic situation of a representative the yard, getting the fire insurance rates about during the spring and autumn and throughout the year through investigation, analysis and calculation. The result indicates that the fire insurance premium rate from this method was coped with the actual fire risk status of the yard.
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