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Ethical Dimension Of Socialist Market Economy--The Constructing And Maintaining Of Honesty And Credit

Posted on:2004-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360092995790Subject:Marxist philosophy
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If we want to dispel unhonesty and uncredit which has been in socialist market economy , and to make market subject form honest and credit consciousness ,we must definite the relations between market economy and market economical ethics . For one thing , market economy has its inherent ethical value . For another , market economy must have some ethical and moral characters which contain honesty and credit.Honesty and credit is main part of socialist market economy ethics . Modern market economy' s virtuous moving and healthful developing are not away from honesty and credit . Honesty and credit is part of human capital , is enterprises invisible capital , is social capital.But now honesty and credit is becoming scarce resource in socialist market economy . There are three primary causes for this phenomenon . First , unhonesty and uncredit has its culture factor . Second , when our economic system changes from the planned economic to market economic , it is not perfect, which leads to unhonesty and uncredit may gain interest, but honesty and credit lose interest. Third , there are some factors of theory of knowledge which the public own about market economy .We must rectify market subject' s actions from elementary and system aspect which can lead market subject form honest and credit character . In the first place , we must depend on education and public opinion construction and rule of law to make market main body form consciousness of honesty and credit . In the second place , we must definite the government' s role in the market economy and heighten government' s honesty and credit. In the third place , we must establish a mechanism to induce market subject to choose honesty and credit . Finally , we must strength market economy systems construction , which can conform market subject" s action to the market economic ethics.
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