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The Theory On The Honesty-credit Construction Of Enterprises On The Condition Of Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2003-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360092966614Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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In this thesis,the author points out that there is a serious "honesty-credit" crisis in China's market economy,and raises out some countermeasures on this crisis after a comprehensive analysis.This thesis includes four sections. In the first section,the author throws a light on the definition of "honesty-credit",she regards it as a category of ethics which has been resisting since ancient times. Furthermore,the author compares "honesty-credit" with other relevant concepts,which makes it more clearly to people. Besides,the definition of honesty-credit for enterprises is discussed,and the definition of honesty-credit construction for enterprisers analysed.In the second section,the author points out,for the market economy,the society and the enterprises themselves,it is most important for the enterprises to do well in "honesty-credit". On the other hand,"honesty-credit" is not only the root of running an enterprise but also the foundation for competing in the international markets. What's more,"honesty-credit" would make social fashion more purified and promote the development of the civilization.In the third section,the author gives a discourse on the current conditions of the lack of "honesty-credit",and analyses the reasons,the results. She holds that it is very serious,because of the fact that the crisis has compressed the demands of consumers,impeded the reformation and perfection of the financial system,militated against the affection of the macro-controlling policies,etc. At the same time,she thinks there are many reasons for the crisis,for example,the market economy is premature,the market system is imperfect,the market bodies are immature,the functions of the government don't transfer efficiently,the legalsystem is imperfect,the people's sense of credit is very weak.To solve this problem efficiently,in the fourth section,the author thinks we should take following measures:(1) The Ethic education should be intensified in order to enhance the sense of abiding by credit. (2) The legal system should be perfected so as to strengthen the guarantee of the law. (3) The system of supervising and evaluating should be set up and perfected. (4) The government's affection should be brought into play. (5) The enterprises' functions should be enhanced.
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