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Development And Completion Of Zhang Taiyan's Philosophical Ideas

Posted on:2004-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360122970142Subject:Chinese philosophy
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Zhang Tai-yan is a famous thinker in modern history of China, his philosophical ideas is very abstract. Academic circles usually lay particular stress on his social political ideas, don't pay enough attention to his philosophical ideas and don't deeply study his philosophy ideas either. In fact, in contrast to other modern thinkers. Zhang's philosophy has his own Characteristics and profound views. When the author study zhang's philosophical ideas, acting on time of order, trying to manifast inner process of zhang's mind. Mobile master zhang's philosophical ideas develop of trace. And make he studied philosophical mind of way divide into three phases. Firstly converted from Confucianism to Buddhism secondly he objected to Confucianism by using, buddhism and used buddhism explaimed for zhuang , finally he fused confuscianism buddhism taoism,andattributed to Confucianism. This is a whole process of zhang's philosophical ideas development and completment. When zhang constructed his own philosophical system, he conceived very bravly converted all kinds of ideas into a whole system, embraced from ancient to modern and from east to west.carried out his own philosophical ideas fusion and creation, builded up a special Zhen-ru philosophical system. He setted forth his own wise ideas from ontology, knowledge, historical view and so on. The revolutionary of much knowledge has constructed philosophical system, leaved behind much spiritual estate of which made people think deeply. But it comprised a lot of faults. Zhang has even looked up to truth from west, however, the scholar of west applauded very zealously the rational kingdom which has exposed too much defects in practice, This caused difficult explain of puzzle in his heart. So zhang Taiyan was not only dissatisfied with present but also suspected thefuture. His philosophy ascribled to relativism and had to dip into the bottom of pessimism. He thought that the modernism which the western scholars preferred leads to the degradation of morality, in order to keep it in order, the best way is to return Confucian to find out the morality and ethnic spiries which are fitable to times from the traditional Confucian which is congenial. After that the Confucian, Buddhism and taoism converge to enter the third period of his philosophic development., Finally, I analyse the affect of Zhang in the modern history.
Keywords/Search Tags:zhang Taiyan, zhen-ru, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism
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