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Applying The Communicative Approach In The Classroom

Posted on:2005-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Grammar Translation and Audiolingual methods play a leading role in traditional language teaching. They pay attention to explanation and practice of grammar points. A communicative approach opens up a wider perspective on language. In particular, it makes us consider not only in terms of its structures, but also in terms of the communicative functions that it performs.The communicative teaching is the better language teaching which adjusted to it, and its base is the theory of communicative ability. Communicative ability is a complex knowledge and skill system. Learners must own the following aspects: he must attain as high a degree as possible of lingustic competence to express his intended message spontaneously and flexibly; he must distinguish between the forms which he has mastered as part of his linguistic competence and the communicative functions that they reform; he must develop skills and strategies for using language to communicate meanings as effectively as possible in concrete situations; he must be aware of social meaning of language forms. Generally, we can divide communicative activities into two parts: functional communication activities and social interaction activities. The emphasis of the former category is to let students express some special function effectively. To the latter category, besides expressing some function, we need to train students to consider its social meaning when they use language. No matter what kind of communicative activity they play an important role in language learning.Communicative approach is not single, fixed teaching mode, and its core content is "use language to learn" and "learn to use language", not purely "learn language". Its ultimate goal of teaching is to let students master enough communicative competence. I hope that through large scale of communicative activities, students can communicate with others by using fluent, native and accurate language. The communicative approach is a complex and many-sided phenomenon. It is not only efficient way. We must combine it with the reasonable factors of other teaching methods. Foreign language teaching must be concerned with reality: With the reality of communication as it takes place. With the reality of learners as they exit outside and inside the classroom. Through researches of communicative approaches and comparison with other methods is applicable in our country.
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