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Epistemology Problem Study Of Virtual Reality

Posted on:2007-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Q YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360185975070Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Since the beginning of 1990s, the virtual reality system has been one of the hotspot direction of R&D and applied in the information realm. Virtual reality system with the new characteristics and applied fascination and the huge potential of the development, attracted profoundly the researchers of science and technology field to investigate its new application continuously. It is a new technique with developing and profound and latently applied direction, its prospect of development is very captivating.The virtual reality system is a virtual environment that is created by the computer and provide various sense stimulate (sense of vision, sense of hearing, touch even includes sense of smell and sense of taste) for the people at first. Secondly, the virtual reality system emphasizes that the virtual world created by the computer should provide a kind of immersion that is personally on the scene for the people. Thirdly, It emphasizes that people can operate with the object of virtual world each other in natural way. The three points are all the technique characteristics that the virtual reality system puts forward for the first time. Being showed from this, the virtual reality system is a progressive crystallize of science technique of 20 centuries, concentratively embody latest achievement in the realm of soft hardware technique of computer, spreading the feeling technique, man-machine interaction perception theories etc.Because of virtual universality, diversity, visualizability and profundity influencing to mankind in the social activities realm, virtual reality system involves a series of philosophy problem. Virtual reality system with this kind of all new way of cognition and practice set up by the virtual reality technique, the three factors of subject, medium and object, and their correlationses all take place a series of deep changes, the research of virtual reality system surmount the study of the general technique level and sublimate into an important problem of the contemporary philosophy study. Virtual reality system almost involves various aspects of epistemology, brings many new problems need to re-inquiry and study on the philosophy.The purport of this thesis is to analyze and investigate the essence and the value of the virtual reality system from the philosophy angle,lead the thought of practice materialism founded by Marx into the realm of virtual reality system, give virtual reality...
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Reality Technique, Virtual Reality System, Subject, Medium, Object
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