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Research On The Application Of Virtual And Real Aesthetics In The Field Of Digital Interactive Design

Posted on:2020-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330575990417Subject:Design history and theoretical research
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The application of "virtual" and "real" in contemporary design art practice is very extensive.There are some expressive techniques,such as taking the real with the virtual,lining the real with the virtual,and combining the virtual with the real.Its aesthetic value also lies in making aesthetic thinking break through concrete aesthetic objects and lead to abstract associations,thus obtaining psychological pleasure.Contemporary designers make full use of the virtual method to create a design model that can enhance the visual impact of graphics and stimulate the imagination of the audience.Now there are many similar methods and means of virtual design through graphical or decorative graphical language on the market.By comparing with the virtual space around other design elements,consumers can understand commodities at a glance.Modern packaging design will form a virtual and real contrast with the aid of auxiliary materials.Visual subject,through the unique expression of material texture,reflects the inherent human characteristics of packaging commodities.Compared with traditional art,which is based on nature and based on the baseline of close to nature,all works of traditional art will be presented in manual form or technical creation.This way matches with the traditional form of civilization and exists in the form of nature.The creative method of digital image art is based on digital technology.It transforms traditional paper and pen into mouse and keyboard,uses computer screen as paper media,edits and produces digital art works with professional image design software.Throughout the creation process,it exists in a virtual form,visible and untouchable.Digital image art includes many types,such as digital movies,video games,video advertisements,virtual reality and online art.This kind of digital interactive design is mainly based on the "human" factor,from the three fields of human,design and technology,to find the best way to integrate technology and design art,so as to solve the problems of "human" and improve the quality of life of "human" in the scientific and technological world as a whole.Digital interactive design integrates virtual and real aesthetics into this field and can reproduce the real environment.People can participate in interaction.Virtual reality and augmented reality are deeply integrated and mutually promoted.It has been widely used and greatly developed in many professional fields,such as packaging design,product design,advertising design and so on.Based on the analysis of the application of virtual-real aesthetics in interactive design,this paper explores the relationship between virtual-real aesthetics in visual layer and experiential layer.Starting from the basic concepts of virtual-real aesthetics and interactive design,this paper analyses the virtual-real space structure and aesthetic dimension of interactive design in the era of artificial intelligence,and the value of virtual-real aesthetics in interactive design.In the future,the communication between people and computers will probably develop from the current reality to virtual reality.Virtual reality technology has enabled human beings to interact with machines through gestures,vision and so on,but all of these need to be based on virtual and real interaction,creating a more immersive virtual and real combination system to provide greater possibilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:interaction design, virtual reality view, virtual reality technology
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