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The Ethical Reconsidering Of Development

Posted on:2008-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Development is rich in connotations, which has subjectivism, directivity, integrity, comprehensivity, contradictory. The elements of the development is the subject,the object and the goal, which can answer the meta questions of development, such as why develop,how develop,who develop,for what development is and so on. Development view is all the opinions and basic conceptions on the questions, such as development goals, rules, roads, etc. The development view on economic growth, synthesis development view, sustainable development and science development view are four configurations of development view. Development ethics is a branch of applied ethics to study development theories and practice in the ethic opinion. Development ethics is tightly connected with development, development view.The necessity of development ethics is that of reflecting on developing on ethics, that is, why to propose development ethics and whether it is necessary to do. It is in dire need of development ethics to direct, regulate and restrain human developing practice, for the predicaments and crises which are the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the deteriorating environment, disharmony in society and human dissimilation in the process of human development. Traditional theory of development view and the practice dilemma call for a new development theory—development ethics. Development itself cannot be out of philosophical critics and ethic reflection, is not naturally reasonable and should not be done because people can, should insist on the combination of goal and means, ration and value.The possibility of development ethics is to question people whether ethic reflection on development can be carried on, whether the development ethic theory can be conceived. As a new branch of applied ethics, the possibility of development ethics is, firstly, that it has the traits different from others and the unique reflective perspective on development. In addition, development ethics has its own scientific bases, which are the theoretical basis—physiological need, foundation basis—the possibility, the value resource—rational reflection on predicaments. Development ethics has its own theoretical system, including its unique object of study, the principles, the noble core value and powerful practice function. Humanistic principle, principle of justice, overall principle, negotiation principle, sustainable development principle, moderate principle, benefit principle by most people, principle of mutual benefit and coexistence, interest-adjusting principle are the fundamental ones; developing and enhancing human's group ideology are the main value, requiring human to develop the good and discard the useless of the traditional industrial civilization and advocate the green, civilized, harmonious modern living styles is its practice function.
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