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Qilu Cultural Celebrities And Wei-Jin Dynasties

Posted on:2010-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360275462731Subject:History of Ancient China
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Qilu culture is not only a regional conception but also a historical notion. The characters of Qilu culture include cultural orthodox, ethical standard, academic annexation and open. At pre-Qin period, Qilu culture only a regional one, when it came to Qin-Han period, Qilu culture became to the main culture of Chinese conventional cultural system under the political union. But with the establishment of main trend, Qilu culture itself is on the way to abnormal seriously, the original humanitarianism and democratic rights were lost, practical ration were distorted to political material gains,"monarch humanity and subordinates loyalties"were twisted to absolute obey of autocracy. When it came to Wei-Jin dynasties, the concepts and contents of Qilu culture varied dramatically. The prevalence of thoughts of Taoism negated Qilu culture superficially, it overturned the traditional image of the culture; but as the matter of fact, it indicated the return of the real concepts of Qilu culture under the behaviors of"capricious consciousness". Taoism removed the false aspects of Confucian in terms of the genuine of Taoism. Form that on, the existence and development of Qilu culture were not limited by region any more, but as a kind of spiritual culture, it became omnipresent convention which played an important role in our history. In the period of Wei-Jin dynasties, the ideal personality and ethical spirit which believed by celebrities of Qilu area were turn to extreme. This ideal viewpoint denied common custom, therefore, it usually used a kind of traditional and ideal ethical standard to require themselves, though it adopted some extreme and extraordinary methods. It was on the base of concepts that produced a type of special cultural group—celebrities.The appearance of Wei-Jin celebrity group and celebrity culture was the result of certain period. The conception of"Honor Confucian only"of Hanwudi was the rectification of"common people noble official"in the early age of Han dynasty, but the excessive effects of Confucian classic came to the degeneration of scholars. In the early age of East Han period, Guangwudi Liuxiu proposed"mingjie", which was reaction to excessive policy of confucian, as a result it turned to pretending of scholars. The prevalence of Taoism was the opposition to social custom in the end of East Han dynasty. The fall of East Han dynasty gave a good choice of the free development of ideology. People's thoughts once broke to a deadlock of the youth of the cage then shining life, as a result to conceive with sigh to cut up rough of resistance. The period of Wei-Jin dynasties was an age of faint of Confucianism and prevalence of Zhuang Taoism. The celebrities of Wei-Jin dynasties were in an awkward situation, Confucianism was the basic thing of social order, capricious consciousness was the instinct chase. How to harmonize the two conceptions was becoming the main problem of that period. So the critical problem which Taoism intending to resolve was the relationship of Natural and Confucianism. The celebrities of Wei-Jin were including Jian'an seven eminences and Zhengshi well-known scholars, Bamboo grove seven eminences and Wang family of Langya area. Kongrong, Xugan who was from Jian'an seven eminences and Jikang, Ruanji who was from Bamboo grove seven eminences were the extreme behaviors. At that period it had the representative and typical senses. They behaved extreme behaviors superficially, talked fierce speeches to criticize Confucianism and to teach physically to the traditional culture. Through various fantastic behaviors, they intended to wake people up to pursue to the original and real Confucianism, and tried to break the superficial layer of tying up the top of false of hard shell, which forced the political strategy to recover to the traditional essence of Confucianism. This text inquired into Confucianism ideology, which was the core of Qilu culture. And celebrities of Wei-Jin ascent a profound brands of the embodiment at the Wei dynasty. And this aspect explains the thought contact of the deep relation of Qilu culture and the well-known scholars of Wei-Jin dynasties.
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