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Research On The Central Bank's Supervision Over The Electronic Commerce Activities Of Banks

Posted on:2001-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
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To guard against financial risks, promote the development of e-commerce, establish a set of scientific regulations and supervise the e-commerce activities of banks effectively, the thesis researches into the issues of the central bank supervision over the e-commerce activities of banks. At first, the thesis gives the definition of e-commerce and introduces its classification, characteristics and development. Then through the theoretic analysis of Internet economy, it points out the profound significance of developing e-commerce and the important role played by banks in it as well. Meanwhile, it analyzes the challenges that the central bank has to face resulting from the e-commerce activities of banks, and concludes that it is necessary for the central bank to supervise. Based on the above analysis, the thesis presents the main principles that the central bank should follow in its supervision and the purposes that should be achieved. The emphasis of the thesis is the analysis of the central bank supervision details. It probes into several aspects including safety management, market entrance, risk management, privacy protection and regulation of electronic money. It also gives suggestions about the supervisory measures that the central bank should take.
Keywords/Search Tags:Central Bank, Electronic Commerce, Supervision, Risk Control, Safety.
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