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Research On China's Current High-Saving Phenomenon

Posted on:2002-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032453544Subject:Regional economy
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In order to exploit the potentialities of its economy, china has reduced the high interest rate for seven times since succeeding in "soft landing"in 1996, however, the effect has not been satisfactory, while the interest rate was reduced, the residents savings increased as before. Just as so, china's economy was lost in recession. The phenomenon is against the traditional savings?theory, but, why did it appear in china" Academic circles and practical circles held much discussion. In my print, the above phenomenon had much relation with the current system. And that, it is the current system that have caused the shrinkage of consumption and investment, thus led to the difficulty position that the savings could not transform into consumption and investment, which resulted in the continue increasing while the interest rate was reduced. Through the analysis on the two aspects that have caused the high saving phenomenon, the thesis points out that it is the current system that has led to the recession of china's economy, Therefore, if china's economy is to get out of the vicious cycle of recession, such system must be reformed and improved. The thesis consists of three parts: part 1 describes the high--saving phenomenon; part 2. focuses on the institutional factors that caused the shrinkage of consumption and investment; Part 3 concludes that only institutional reform could invigorate consumption and investment and lead the economy get out of the vicious cycle of recession. Just as the analyses in the thesis, the economy problem relate with many factors except economy factors, and that, it reflects all of them, this thesis only discuss some practical factors and measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:high-saving shrinkage of consumption, shrinkage of investment, institutional reform
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