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Enterprise Age And Growth Strategies Study

Posted on:2002-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360032455884Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Under the surrounding of knowledge and global economic, survival and sustainable development is a hard task that every enterprise is facing.The concept that regards enterprise as economic body has been unconformable to nowadays intense market competition. Now regarding enterprise as a living body is becoming a rising orientation in management research area. Under this formidable background, the thesis takes the life of the enterprise as its research object, discusses the problems of enterprise age and growth strategies in enterprise bionic study by analyzing theories, building mathematical models and demonstration study.The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter focuses on the fundamental theory of the enterprise bionic study, which discusses in details about the object and content, the property of the subject, and the significance of enterprise bionic study. The second chapter mainly discusses the problem of enterprise Iifecycle in enterprise bionic study. Firstly, it evaluates three existing enterprise lifecycle models, based on which a three-dimension enterprise Iifecycle model has been built up. Then it describes the seven stages of enterprise Iifecycle. In the third chapter, enterprise age. which quantifies the enterprise lifecycle, is mainly discussed. In this chapter, a Japanese quantification model for enterprise age is firstly evaluated, then the concept and significance of enterprise age is discussed. Through analyzing the structure of the enterprise organization, a series of criterion for quantifying enterprise age and an enterprise age model are built up. Then a recognized model for enterprise age is built up and the software of enterprise age decision system is researched and developed. Finally. the result of quantifying the age of Hewlett-Packard Company by the software of enterprise age decision system demonstrates that the model is correct. Chapter four focuses on the problem of enterprise growth strategies. It begins with discussing the conflict between the enterprise age and its size, then builds a best enterprise growing model, discusses the problems of enterprise growth strategies according to different quadrant of the enterprises which is divided basing on enterprise lifecycle built in chapter two.There are three innovations of the thesis. First is theory innovation. It formally defines the enterprise bionic study, which is to recognize enterprises and their surroundings, research survival and sustainable development of enterprises by taking advantage of diversify biology archetypes and by regarding enterprises as living bodies. Second is building a recognized model for enterprise age and realizing it by programming the software of enterprise age decision system. Third is developing a best enterprise growing model and enterprises growth quadrant graph by which to discuss the enterprises growth problem.
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