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Study Of Enterprise Lifecycle System Management Theory

Posted on:2005-05-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z QuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122982188Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Enterprise has life. In the condition of hard market competence and more complex construction of enterprise's inner organization, the aim of enterprise's operation must turn from maximum benefit to continuable growth. How to identify the role of enterprise's lifecycle, make enterprise avoid crisis to live longer and keep hearty spirits is one of the most important problems to be resolved.The theory of enterprise lifecycle researches the rule of enterprise life fluctuation and the operation strategy in different life states. Now most of the research focus on the enterprise's biology characters, analyze the relations between inner organizations and growth phase. It's unilateralism in a way for its lack of integrity analysis method system and analysis of integrating enterprise's character of system and economy.The paper founds enterprise lifecycle system on the basis of theories of enterprise lifecycle, enterprise system management and economy cycle.First, the paper starts with the analysis of biology character of enterprise. According to the system character, the paper founds structure of enterprise life system. It includes four subsystems of neural system, blood cycle system, assimilation system and egestion system. The interrelation in four subsystems and the action between subsystems and outer circumstance is the starting in research of enterprise lifecycle. On the basis of analysis of enterprise biology structure, the paper presents that the enterprise lifecycle system includes lifecycle identification system, motivity system and immunity system. The identification system is to realize phase of enterprise life. It's a base for researching on how to prolong enterprise's life. The primary aim of motivity system is to promote enterprise's continuable growth by the way of improving enginery of enterprise's life and strengthening the ability of enterprise to confront risk. The immunity system researches on how to strengthen immunity ability, turn to corner and prolong life-span when enterprise faces disadvantage and in the condition of morbidity.In the height of system theory, the paper presents enterprise life system structure, identification system, motivity system and immunity system, forms an integrity and preciseness structure. Around the topic of enterprise lifecycle system, the view of enterprise lifecycle system management combines biology character, economy character and system character of enterprise. It has a largish different to current research results. These are just the innovative viewpoints of the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Lifecycle, Enterprise Neural System, Enterprise Blood Cycle System, Enterprise Assimilation System, Enterprise Egestion System, Life-force Index Model, Lifecycle Motivity System, Lifecycle Immunity System
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