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Studies On The Operation Mechanism Of The State-owned Commercial Banks

Posted on:2002-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032953124Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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In recent years, the state-owned commercial banks have been facing with the condition that the credit-asserts quality is poor, the economic benefits are dropping, the operational activity is unvigorous. All these questions have been highly concerned. One of the most important causes is that the current operational mechanism of the state-owned banks is not suitable with the demands of the modern commercial banks. The current operational mechanism is unperfect and inflexible, which show in the following aspects:it has no property-right subjects and its relationship is blurred. marketing consciousness is weak, the credit-asserts management mechanism is defficient and the mechanism of the credit-asserts risk preventing is unperfect. the efficient of capital running is low. fifthly, the mechanism of internal risk control is weak. the mechanism of using of human resourses is undynamic. the benefit-haring system is unfair. the mechanism of the cost-control is unkeen. All these problems influenced and restricted seriously the reform quality and steps of the state-owned commercial banks. Therefore, in order to strengthen the competitiveness and operational effect and to enhance the management level, the state-owned commercial banks must speed up the steps of the reform, especially, transforming the current operational mechanism is the core and crucial of the reform because the mechanism is the soul of the body. So building up a new operational mechanism of the state-owned commercial is a urgent thing to solve.Based on these, this thesis enter from the concept of operational mechanism of the commercial banks, analyse the necessary of building up a new model of operational mechanism and it also point out the primary problems of the current operational mechanism. finally, put foward the some corresponding countermeasure to solve these problems. They are as following:first, building up a marketing mechanism of the market consciousness of the 揷ostomer central? secondly, setting up a mechanism of crystalizing relations of property梤ights and structure of corporate administration, thirdly, building up a flexible mechanism of the credit梐ssets management and perfectting the mechanism of the credit ?assets risk preventing. fourthly, building up a fexible and high effective mechanism of capital running centrally. fifthly, perfectting the mechanism of the internal risk control of banks, sixthly, building up a vigorous mechanism of using labour ?resourses, seventhly, perfectting the benefit sharing system. eighthly, perfectting the system of the corporate梔elegating. ninethly, building up a mechanism of the cost ?restricted. ect.
Keywords/Search Tags:operational mechanism of commercial banks, mechanism of crystalizing relations of property-rights, mechanism of the credit-assets management and risk preventing, mechanism of using labour-resourses.
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