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The Study Of Investment Risk Management Of Open-End Securities Investing Funds

Posted on:2003-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062976379Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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With the investing convenient, managing by the experts and running in scale, the open-end securities investing funds have become a new investing way, which is popular all over the world. Especially under the circulation of our country, it is necessary to develop the open-end securities investing funds quickly and healthily. To attain this aim, we must manage the investment risk effectively. So, systematically researching into the theory of investment risk of open-end securities investing funds and putting forward to the preventing countermeasures to investment risk will have great significance and practical values. Behalf on the manager of funds, this paper discusses the investment risk management of open-end securities investing funds deeply and systematically, together with the real circulation of investing funds in our country.Starting with the basic theories of open-end securities investing funds, this paper displays the related basic concepts of investing funds and the theoretical bases of investment risk management. On this basis, this paper divides the inducing factors of the investment risk of open-end securities investing funds into two parts: the internal factors and the external ones, together with the real situation of investing funds. It also discusses the management risk, supervisor risk, liquidity risk and interest rate risk of the internal and external factors emphatically, and analyses their formingIImechanisms and effects. With the help of theories such as the systems engineering, the game theory and the finance engineering, this paper presents to use the internal risk management mechanism, motivation mechanism, capital liability management etc. to control the investment risk, through the build of organization and rules.
Keywords/Search Tags:Open-End Securities Investing Funds, Investment Risk Management, Internal Factors, External Factors
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