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Discussion About The Theory And Practice Of Human Resource Value Accounting Based On Knowledge Economy

Posted on:2003-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065464240Subject:Business management
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With the approach of knowledge- based economy,talented men who master the modern scientific knowledge and have the creative potentiality will replace the material resource to become the most important resource of enterprises,and increasingly become the main power which decides the cash flow and market value of enterprises in the future. It will be the urgent demand,presented by leaders managers and owners,that the human resource information of enterprises be disclosed in the traditional financial reports to serve a purpose of making decision. But people in theoretical fields haven't still agreed upon many questions about human resource value accounting,and still less to set up a set of accounting system which is practical. All these problems make human resource value accounting have trouble in being brought into the traditional accounting system .From the view of many arguments about basic theories which exist in human resource value accounting,the paper aims at some of which have not been reached agreements to present own thoughts:To define the concept and feature of "human resource",and financial implication feature and measurement of "human capital";To divide human assets into two parts:human assets in liabilities and human assets in owner's equity;To study the reason why people should share additional profits and the proportion and so on. Such topics are covered with expectation of establishing the theoretical basisThe establishment of theoretical basis paves out of the obstacles for the foundation of accounting system of human resource accounting studied in the paper. As far as operation is concerned,a set of accounts,the steps in accounting cycle are designed,and some financial reports such as Balance Sheet,Income Statement Statement of Retained Earnings and Statement of Cash Flows are improved. Also,some methods to measure human resource are specially choosed for some accounts in the paper,which makes the operation of the accounting cycle easier.
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