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Theory Of Human Capital Accounting Research

Posted on:2003-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360065956638Subject:Agricultural economic management
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The major topic of the treatise is about the basic theory of the human capital accounting. On the guilds of the general thought and tool of the modern prevailing economics, the dissertation attempts to describe the process in which the human capital comes to exist from the beginning of formation to contribution to economy, so that national economic development can be speeded by the help of it. The treatise consists of introduction and four chapters.Chapter One IntroductionFirst, the background and objectives were presented; second, the proceeding of both theoretical and applicable research on this field were reviewed, finally, the methods used and some possibly new idea were presented.Chapter Two The Basic Theory of the Human Capital AccountingThe chapter is the theoretical basis for the whole treatise. Based on the two theoreticalfoundations for the study------the Human Capital Theory and The New Economic GrowthTheory, the treatise gives the human capital's concept, contents, attributes in the sense of author's study. Also, the major content in the chapter includes: the possibility and practicability of the human capital accounting; the general principles and contents of the study.Chapter Three the Cost and Return Accounting of the Human Capital InvestmentIn this chapter, the four forms of the human capital investment, i.e education investment, training investment, health investment and migration investment were discussed from the aspects of cost and return. The dissertation concludes the accounting thoughts of the cost and return of the human capital investment according to the analysis of many theoretical models established.Chapter Four the Human capital's Value AccountingThe chapter is mainly about the methods of accounting for the human capital's valuewhich is divided into two parts------the individual and group value. However, thediscussion focuses on the viewpoint of the monetary aspect. Lastly ,the storage of the human capital was also discussed.Chapter Five the Human Capital's Contribution to the Economic Growth AccountingIn the chapter, first, a connection between the human capital and economic growth wasreviewed. Second, two theory formats------Romer's model and Lucas's model werepresented for the study. Third, with the help of the effective labor model's production function and the human capital externality models' production function adopted, the direct contribution and indirect contribution that the human capital does the economic growth were accounted.
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