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The Discussion Of The Key Technical Personnel's Incentive Models In Hi-Tech Enterprises

Posted on:2003-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360065950999Subject:Business Administration
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The market competitive force of high-tech enterprises rely dramatically on the maturity and development of the core technology. How to encourage the key technical personnel effectively is an actual problem on the process of continuing development of enterprises. Combined with the distinguishing features of high-tech enterprises, the paper puts forward the thought of combining design on incentive model and try to probe into an effective incentive mechanisms with the analysis and comparison of all kinds of incentive models. The analysis of all kinds of incentive models and the implement of incentive is the focal point of the paper. The study of incentive of key technical personnel in high-tech enterprises may offer some help to all the high-tech enterprises and the incentive of other industries also get some benefits from it.The paper consists of two chapters. The first chapter educes an incentive problem, incentive mechanism and model was analyzed detailedly by usingmanage economic knowledge, so the incentive models of short, middle, long term were educed. The second, third and forth parts are the key points of this paper, in these three parts, the writer approaches the incentive models from salary, stock and option, and the writer also offer some suggestions on how to implement the incentive with the analysis of respective mechanism, category and problem of each model. Especially in the last part, the writer give an external incentive model with the research of option and integrated incentive.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hi-tech, key technical personnel, incentive, stock, option
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