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Study On The Theory And Method Of Group Decision And It's Applications

Posted on:2003-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065955276Subject:Systems Engineering
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Decision-making is a daily work, but the important of decision-making problems is different. Some decision-makers are rational and others are not. The results of decision-making are better or worse. In the changeable 21 "century, scientific and democratized decision-making is more and more important. Many works are always assessed from the beginning to the end. Assessment is a part of work of decision-making. Various theories and methods of systematic engineering are used in scientific, democratized decision-making. Decision theory, especially the theory of group decision-making is very useful .It is one of very important researching objects in systematic engineering and management science.The theory of group decision-making belongs to soft science. With normalizing attributive-value of group decision-making problems, some mathematics methods are used on group decision-making.The study of this dissertation mainly focuses on decision theory, the theory of group decision-making, assessments of multi-objective group decision-making, assessments of important specialty in secondary schools.The theories and methods of decision theory are discussed, such as generation and development, and basic specialties and elements of decision-making problems .Group decision-making is defined in this dissertation. Multi-attributive decision-making problems, multi-objective decision-making problems that interrelated to decision-making, and some methods to solve those problems, all are probed.All decision-making problems almost are multi-attributive or multi-objective decision- making problems. As decision making, group decision-makers need factual judgment and valuation. The valuation is always affected by group decision-makers' background of knowledge, preference and so on. How to eradicated the deviation between objectivity and subjectivity, and how to synthesis each member of group decision-makers' opinions, many methods are presented.Various theories and methods of group decision-making are summarized. The criterion and procedure are proposed. A new scale method of AHP is brought up. Comparing with H. Saaty' scale in the same example, the new scale method is better.Some theoretical and practical research into several problems in assessments of secondary specialized schools has been carried out. It is anal sized that "Assessment of important specialty in secondary specialized schools" made by Wuhan Educational Commission.
Keywords/Search Tags:Group decision-making, Multi-objective decision, Multi-attributive decision, Assessment
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