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Study On Decision-Making Methodology And Application For The Construction Site Layout Of Water Resources And Hydropower

Posted on:2004-01-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122482148Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The construction site layout is an important and complicated matter in construction organization arrangement of water resources and hydropower engineering because of its plentiful influencing factors and numerous contents. The dissertation works on the decision-making methodology and application in the construction site layout of water resources and hydropower engineering and some results are achieved as follows: 1. The complicated system of the construction site layout of water resources and hydropower engineering is reasonably compartmentalized. And it is also presented some concepts concerning the construction site control and green construction site layout. 2. Dot form distribution, a new quantitative evaluation target of construction site facilities layout as well as its calculation method is put forward. Meanwhile a method of decision-making and optimizing program of construction site facilities allocation is systemically analyzed. In addition, to make use of people experiential knowledge for the allocation, it is proposed that a decision-making method of construction site facilities layout based on artificial neural network, which is able to deal with the problem between fuzzy conception and experiential knowledge in the allocation of construction site facilities, and can result in a conclusion of the scenario decision-making for the construction site facilities layout. 3. It advances the means of tri-B spline curve fitting in the allocation roadway of construction site. And also it suggests a system of target in the comprehensive appraisement of the construction site roadway allocation in the mean time. It presents the method of quantitative computation and computer simulation of traffic capability in the crossing section of construction site road since the crucial factor of influencing traffic capability is the crossing section of construction site roadway, which verifies the possibility and validity of simulation program through an example. At the same time the decision theory of construction site vehicle optimal arrangement is suggested. 4. The method of identification construction site layout conflict and the theoretical maneuver of solving this conflict facing to construction procedure are suggested in the thesis. 5. It proposes the fuzzy decision method of semi-structural multi-objective in the selection of construction site layout plan. And a discussion on the weight sensitivity, determinative method of weight coefficient and selecting qualitative target, which are difficult to confirm, is carried out in theory. Lastly, the decision effect of the method is verified by choosing the vertical transportation plan of Laxiwa hydropower station construction. The conclusion shows that the method of decision-making is comparatively reasonable and it can primarily get rid of artificial interference.6. The frame of DSS (Decision Support System) for the construction site layout of water resources and hydropower engineering is proposed, and a part of programs about the DSS is developed in the mean time. The DSS can realize this function that traditional construction site layout ichnography can be varied to visual and three-dimensional view, and can demonstrate the overall procedure of construction site layout changing with the construction project schedule, in addition can visually and quickly inquire the construction site layout information on the three-dimensional construction site layout view. Furthermore, the method to realize the visualization DM (Data Mining) based-on the DSS is discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Construction site layout, Decision-making optimization, Multi-objective fuzzy decision-making, Artificial neural network, Decision support system, Visualization
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