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The Influence And Tactics Research Of China Investment Bank After Joining In The WTO

Posted on:2003-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360065955311Subject:International Trade
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The paper begins with the four definitions of investment bank which were defined by Robert Koon. Then it finds the best definition of investment bank and generalizes the operation scope of investment bank and finds the difference between the investment bank and the commercial bank . Next,it summarize the four basic economic functions of investment bank. First,they can offer the financial agency service . Second ,they can drive the development of securities market .Third ,they can improve the efficiency. Fourth,drive the upgrading of industry structure. Then the paper reviews the history of investment bank and divides the history into three phases by important history event of investment bank .In chapter three .according to the history of every country ,the paper does a comparative research to the developing modes of investment bank .Therefore,according to the status of china finance ,the paper draw a conclusionthe develop mode of our young investment bank is " the conversion of securities company to investment bank under the operation-divided system". In chapter four the paper introduces the influences to investment bank of china systematicaly . First it introduces the basic requirements to china securities markets after joining WTO . Then it talking of the opening actuality of china securities markets .The actuality manifests mainly by the small scale of china securities markets,few varieties,low level of economy securities,lack of international competitive ability,underdevelopment of money market,the capital market lack the necessary level,lack of shortcut of contact channel between the money market and capital market. Then it introduce the nine differences between china investment banks and international investment banks . Finally it talks of some questions confront with the securities industry after joining the WTO. The paper brings forward six countermeasures for china investment bank after joining the WTO. l.the main body of market converts from excessive to centralized 2. the management idea turn to initiative innovation,strengthen the service function ,cultivate the long-term steady customer network 3. quicken the modernization of investment bank. 4. standardize the competing measure and compete with integrated strength. 5. the risk and income will be symmetry. 6. The isolated market transforms to open market .The paper discusses the management innovation problem of china investment bankfrom three aspects in the last chapter section twol.stratage management innovationfind the orientation 2. organization management innovationsparkplug harmony advocate efficiency 3. client management innovationconstruct network.
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