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Research On The Bank Merger And Acquisition Of Our Country

Posted on:2004-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122470230Subject:Regional Economics
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The extensive bank M&A happened since at the end of last century, which has shown the new developing trend of global bank. The bank M&A has not formed the major trend in our country at present because of various reasons, but the bank M&A still can be regarded as an effective way which solves a great deal of contradictions in domestic bank and develops bank even faster. Exactly proceed from this point, this article probes into the bank M&A of our country. The schedule that China opens the financial market and the bank participates in international competition is urgent day by day after China joins WTO. And at present, the system reform of bank of our country has not finished yet, the organization structuring of the bank is repeated seriously, the trade expenses cost is very high, the management efficiency is low, the international competitiveness is weak. It may be said that the contradiction is very heavy inside the bank. Exactly bases on this kind of situation, this article starts from the theory reasons of the bank M&A, analyze the important influence of the international bank merges on the bank development of our country and our current bank M&A, and summarize the achievement we have made and existing problem. The article analyzes further the necessity and possibility of promoting bank M&A in our country on base of above. This article put forward that the bank M&A can not only can solve the contradiction inside the bank while merging, can also promote the competitiveness of the bank. Thus it brings about an advance in bank. Any ignored of t developing the bank M&A of our can said to be losing the future opportunity. Finally, this article proceeds from outside system environment and inside micro aspect, put forward some suggestions on the measure of developing the bank M&A of our country. Hope to offer some theories and practical meanings for the development of bankM& A in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bank M&A, State-owned commercial bank, Shareholding commercial bank, Bank's property right
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