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Preliminary Research On Risk Management Of The Investment Bank Department In The Security Company

Posted on:2003-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062985274Subject:Business Administration
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In all countries carrying out market economy, capital market is most important. In China, the investment banks department in the security company may be thought to be the origin of the capital market. With the increase in importance of the capital market in the national economy, its safety can affect directly or indirectly the whole economic setup. In well-grown capital market, even the investment banks difficultly dealing with violent changes and extreme instability of capital market often stick hi the mire by reason of issuing securities and M&A. As investment bank department of a comprehensive security company hi China, how does it conduct risk management?This thesis summarizes the concepts, business and development of the investment banks department, briefly describes the history and theories of risk and risk management, and presents the tools of risk management VAR&TRM. Through taking China Southern Security Company as a recent example and combing the analysis of the mam risk and risk points of investment banks with our country's previous experiences and foreign countries mature technological ones , the thesis reveals that our investment industry doesn't lack staff and technologies , but the impetus to apply the newest technologies to control risk, or a reasonablemanagement system to bring various resources into play. According to the said analysis and recent situation, it finally try to set up a risk management system in the general investment bank department in Southern Security Company, which is appropriate for the present financial environment in our country. In the design of independent matrix risk management system which makes risk supervision obtain comprehensive, controllable results, which puts risk under tight network system control, and which makes risk supervisors keep up with risk endurers from beginning to end, I describes the job content and duty in every position, investigate the operating way of the whole risk management system, make the duties of the full-time risk management perfect, and whole system.Through writing this thesis , I have a deeper understanding of the concepts , principles and tools risk management , and the thesis put forward a more reasonable solution to some questions, which have to be settled urgently in the investment banks in our country . I think the solution has some successful practical experiences to go by .Lijia (MBA) Directed by ShiPing...
Keywords/Search Tags:investment bank, risk analysis, risk management system, operation
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