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Reorganisation Of Excess Human Resources

Posted on:2004-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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21-century is the times of knowledge economy. Since knowledge is the main factor of all economic actions, human resources become the main sources of a corporate. The value of human resources all depends on the quantity, quality and usage of the knowledge. However, the development of high technology and the economic activity cycle always produce excess human resources in the corporate.When the human resources of a corporate is in surplus state, how do it reorganize and manage? How, from the reorganisation, can it achieve the quantity to the reasonable level without affecting the quality of the works? How, from the reorganisation, can it do to have the best result such as to enhance the corporate operation, lower the cost and expenses, produce goods with excellent quality, and finally earn the high profits?For achieving the above, a clear and reasonable human resource planning should be prepared firstly in accordance of its future development. A well-prepared human resource planning is the base for other human policies and management, such as organizational culture, planning, recruiting, training, performance appraisal, motivation, redundancy, etc. Since human resource management consumes resources, i.e. human, things and money, a good planning can help the corporate how to use the resources in an effective way.When the human resource is predicted to be excessive, the corporate should use a reasonable and lawful way to adjust the surplus of human resources. Otherwise, there will be bad effect in the future development of the corporate.Finally, reorganisation on excessive human resource should affect the morale of existing staff. The corporate should take necessary motivated steps to enhance their morale, positive attitude, and trust towards the corporate. Then the competition capacity of the corporate can certainly be maintained.
Keywords/Search Tags:Downsizing, Human resource, Human resource planning, Human resource accounting, Motivation.
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