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The Study In Venture Capital Machenism And The Problem Of Individual Savings In China

Posted on:2004-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092996539Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the era of knowledge economy, innovation is the core competition of an enterprise and a nation.Venture capital (VC) is a nontraditional, innovative financial method. It is combined with capital,technology and the spirit innovation, supports innovative activities and the development of highand new technology, and hence promotes the prosperity of the whole economy. This paper recallsthe history of the venture capital, analyses the characteristics of VC in various countries, andresearches the origin, growth, problems of VC, and problems of individual savings in our country.There are some important outcomes and innovative points in this paper, as following:Firstly, this paper analyses the problem of off-position in our VC. In China, the governmentinvestment is the main resources of VC. VC companies don't undertake the venture, nor do thereceivers. The government mustn't go in for investment but guide and demonstrate one, andencourage the rest capital to move into the VC market.Secondly, this paper calculates the capital gap of VC. Although the research and developmentexpenditure (R&D) could not completely represent venture capital, the analysis to it at leastreveals the problems of insufficient input in our scientific research. According to the concernedstatistics, this paper also calculates the capital gap of R&D in our country.Thirdly, this paper also calculates the amount of savings that will possible be invested to the fieldof stock, and particularly the field of VC. Here we see that on one hand the R&D capital lags farbehind while on the other hand the savings account of the residents rises rapidly. Will the gap inVC (or R&D) be possibly filled by the individual savings? This paper analyses the variousstructures and therefore calculates the amount of the capital.Finally, the paper gives some macro-analysis and microanalysis to VC and offers somesuggestions on the relating issue such as law, intellectual education, technology, and particularlythe taxation policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture capital (VC), innovation, the main-body of investment, R&D, individual savings
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