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The Operating Mechanism Of The Venture Capital And Risk Investment In The Development Of Countermeasures To Think

Posted on:2003-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the coming of the era of knowledge economy, knowledge and innovative capacity have become the main source of wealth, and technological improvement the key impetus to sustainable development of economy. Knowledge innovation and the industrialization of high and new technology are now the core element of world economic competition and thus determine the long-term competitive edge of a country. The translation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces depends on not only the market value of the high and new technological achievements, but also a perfect service system enabling the quick and efficient translation. International experience proves that, venture capital industry is an indispensable engine and propeller of the industrialization of new and high technology. Therefore, it is of great strategic and realistic importance for China in shifting mode of economic growth, adjusting industrial structure, allocating rationally resources and thus sharpening the competitive edge of the Chinese economy. Against such a background, the operational mechanism and the development of venture capital in China are analyzed in this thesis and some ideas are presented.Firstly, the operational mechanism of venture capital is analyzed systematically from such aspects as characteristics and sources, operation, as well as withdrawal, etc., providing a theoretical basis for studying venture capital in China.Secondly, the current status of, existing problems of and obstacles facing the venture capital industry of China are analyzed from aspects such as investment structure, investment business, etc.Lastly, the necessity and feasibility of promoting the development of venture capital industry in China is analyzed systematically, and, some countermeasures to overcome current obstacles, are put forward, from such aspects as diversifying the sources of venture capital, establishing and developing venture capital company, establishing venture capital fund, improving the service of venture capital agencies and accelerate the training of venture capital professional, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture capital, venture enterprise, combined investment
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