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Presumption Regulation

Posted on:2004-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Presumption, which has been used for two thousand years, is very important for man to develop and stabilize politics and economics. There are some rules about presumption, but the presumption system hasn't yet been set up. This paper discussed concept and classifications in intension and extension, analysed the philosophic bases and values, pointed out that the philosophic bases of presumption lied not only in traditional philosophy, but also in modern philosophy. The life of presumption lied in testifying false. There existed some values in presumption, such as fairness and efficiency. By concrete analysis of usage of presumption in civil, criminal and administrative procedures, this paper demonstrated the significance of construction of presumption system and proposed that the perfect presumption system be set up in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:presumption regulation, presumption of fault, presumption of innocence, testifying false
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