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Research Of Investment And Management Of Chinese High-tech Enterprise

Posted on:2004-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122485736Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Would it be the end the 20th century such as biotechnology, software, computer, modern communication, etc. a lot of new-type intelligent industries rose extensively, Break out the third Industrial Revolution, new Industrial Revolution bring up era of knowledge-driven economy, Knowledge becomes the source of creating the wealth.One remarkable characteristic that knowledge economy raise whether high-tech industry become social pillar industry of economy. High-tech industry state of development become and weighs one national scientific and technological progress water gentle productivity developed important sign of degree. At present, the countries all over the world are launching each high-tech plan of starting an undertaking ambitiously, Our government has issued a series of policies and measures of promoting development of new high-tech industry too, The new high-tech industry has got the development of a certain degree too in our country. However, initial in 2001, the sudden change in the situation in this world, Foam evaporate with network, high-tech risk investment field one chilly wind miserable rain, Enormous investment losses put investors' enthusiasm out by water, the statistics worldwide show, High technology start an undertaking the scale of investment goes from bad to worse, shrink sharply.Then, has the investment value of the high-tech industry really already been lost? The answer is denied. Piece consider from macroscopic, progress with world science and technology and economic constant development, Science and technology will bring new and high technology, economic development will make new and high technology industrialization, This the trend of the times, undoubtedly opportunity for business among them. Cause high-tech field investment failure investment value problem of the high-tech industry, Its reason is in many aspects, according to range of the world, the factors of two respects play a leading role, First, great environment that make the investment, economic environmental impact invest benefit; Second, investor admit to investment value of target and investment behavior that produce from this. In recent years, international economy continuously low to waste and influence whole investment benefit of high-tech industry unavoidably. Besides, though the developed country has riper operation mode of risk investment, Face situation that high technology emerge in an endless stream, invest people in some biases have happened too in the value choice of the investment project, If American over-investment of telecommunication one typical example, in this respect causes the failure of making the investment too. In our country, cause bad to invest in main reason to invest in blind disease. Become pets as the new and high technology of new things sometimes, give somebody" the infinite imagination space", Adding the enticement of the market for the second board on the country's stock, investors are getting smug, pursue" the concept is invested in" rashly, Make the investment decision easily, pay attention to the rational investment operation mode either, The poor efficiency of investment is unavoidable too.At present, though risk make an investment in our country account for than in weight and very much low among the high-new technological achievement conversion fund, But it belongs to the expert and manages money matters, there are a set of intact investment operation procedures. Other investment way if traditional investment and tactics make the investment, decision its procedure generally relatively simple, So has brought up the cycle more transient new high-tech enterprise of large quantities of lives. Investment analysis of risk investment can regard as other reference of investment with decision mode.Literary grace this with research approach that theory combine with practice, at first, Tell new and high technology investment overall design, commercial prospectus assess, investment course, investment follow-up whole course of management of risk investment especially. Have then an...
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge economy, New high-tech industry, Risk investment, Tradition investment, Tactics investment
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