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High-tech Industry Growth And Thinking, To Build China's Risk Investment Mechanism

Posted on:2001-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360002450067Subject:Political economy
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The principal nature of investment on economic growth is theexpansion of industry structure. In the modern world, the maindemonstration of competition potential in all the nations is concen-trated on high─tech industry and maturity of industry. The thesisfirst ana1yzes the contribution of organism to the high─tech industrygrowth from the perspective of venture investment, and reviews and-absorbs the course and experience of some developed market econo-my countries (mainly U. S. A. ) in the development of high─tech in-dustry. The author of this thesis then holds that first. key promotingfactor of developing high ─tech industry is to set up a perfect andsound venture investment organism. Finally, the author points outsome defects of venture investment in China, and presents somevaluable suggestions in government policy─making, namely, set upsound venture investment system in private capital, and create soundinstitutional environmental po1icy, especially in tax policy. The au-thor thinks that at present the main source of venture investment isprivate capital, foreign capital and big enterprise group capital, andthat old─age pension fundg should not join the field of venture in-vestment.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture investment, high─tech industries, invest-ing agent.
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