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The System Construction Of Risk Investment And The Appraisal Of High-tech Garden

Posted on:2005-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Melt talents, knowledge, fund, technology had been since the beginning of the fifties as the birthplace of development. Hi-Tech of one country and going ahead of the rest area since U.S.A. initiated in the integrative. Hi-Tech garden, have already become the demonstration area of popular Hi-Tech industrialization of push in knowledge economy evolution of the world. Both because Hi-Tech constant innovative function of garden, make it become risk enterprise and risk investor cradle of growth too.At present, already there are 53 national-level Hi-Tech gardens and several provincial high and new technology development zones in our country. They have already made certain economy and social benefit in promoting the Hi-Tech industry. However, obviously, what its function can't be given play to is thorough. One important reason lies in garden throw among them. Financing mechanism imperfect. Hi-Tech means being risky, the development of any high-tech enterprise can not all do without the support of the risk funds, at present, the fund-raising that the Science-tech garden of our country relied mainly on the fact that the government allocate funds, bank loan, enterprise raise independently has already become the serious obstacle of enterprise's development of the garden. Every Hi-Tech garden has already regarded it as an urgent task to establish the system of risk investment to stress. It is obvious, establish the system of risk investment in district, open up good financing channel become world Hi-Tech garden one of technological innovation important to support strategy generally already.At the 14th Meeting of scientific and technical garden of the world, the experts and scholars of various countries point out: The garden enterprise's innovation ability of our country is relatively weak, market competitiveness strong, main reason its lie in garden pluralistic channel invested to research and develop take shape yet, the policy environment of investment is not good. Our country has also set up more than 100 and started an undertaking in the center in the Hi-Tech garden since 1987, have succeeded in hatching enterprises which near the various schools of thinkers. But undertaking problem that center face generally of scientific and technological garden these, fund insufficient seriously. So, most Hi-Tech gardens do not develop fast. Imagine that it is entered if there are sufficient risk funds, will promote thedevelopment and innovation of the high-tech enterprise in the Science-tech garden greatly.So this text is it make some supplement, is it organize discussion to Hi-Tech risk investment system construction and issue of appraisal of risk of garden to focus on in this respect to hope.The basic frame of this text is as follows: Chapter one, from defining at first, the respects, such as characteristic and function, etc. carry on the summary to the Hi-Tech garden (here after referred to as the high and new technology industrial development zone) and risk investment respectively, in order to have an accurate, overall understanding to the research object. Chapter two, pass the inter-dynamic characteristic analysis to the two of involvement of the Hi-Tech garden of risk investment, prove the function that the two complement each other, and throw with this scientific and technological garden risk of our country of analysis, financing existing problem. Third, four chapters are focal points of this text. Chapter three solved the information asymmetry problem that the risk funds enter the Science-tech garden by way of economic mathematics, and the framework is suitable for the systems of risk investment of Hi-Tech garden of pluralism of the national conditions of our country: Chapter four structure risk financing and model of appraisal of risk from the financing ability of the risk and two respects of risk factor separately. Subject that the author has been engaged in chapter five -Xiangfan high and new technology industrial development zone is it prove for example this text risk of framework finance practicability and scientific of syste...
Keywords/Search Tags:The high and new technology industrial development zone, risk investment, inter-dynamic analysis, the system, financing ability, the appraisal of risk
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