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The Analyze Of The Present Condition And The Counter Plan Study Adort The Chinese Government Decision

Posted on:2005-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122491573Subject:Administrative Management
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The governmental management activity probably is divided into the policy decision and carry out mostly With Supervise three parts, but government decision conduct and actions the government manages the initial link of the activity presents a more and more important theories the research the meaning. Jiang Zeming's comrade emphasizes again in Communist Party of China16 greatest reporters , push forward to make policy Scientific, democratization. Making policy Scientific to must have with the democratization the decision theories of science make the leading, must precede the decision with the democratic decision procedure according to the decision method of Science . This text aims the government making policy scientific , democratization, adoption norm research and substantial evidence the research combine together, settle the quality and research method that fixed amount combine together, proceeded the study to the operation of the theories, System that Chinese government make policy, and here foundation ascend put forward perfect our country the government makes policy some measure of the mechanism, having the Certain theories value with practice to guide the meaning.As for research that the government make policy, domestic and international have a flood of cultural heritage report way. Among them, the United States scholar is outstanding with the research achievement, our country administration educational circles too contain not a few scholars opened the exhibition the extensive but thorough research to the government decision, include premise, information, axis, procedure, method etc. of the decision all contain a lot of studies. But cultural heritage index the manifestation aims at the developments middle-class family society the government that practice the inside the decision completely of research especially in recent years our country government change working talent the decision involved in process democratization, scientific turn the bottom problem with rule of law, research and notmuch. According to this, this text joins together on the above research foundation our country current actual to government decision proceed the research.This text is divided into three parts:The first part is meaning that the basic theories that the government makes policy to say all, this part makes policy to the government with constitute the main factor proceeded the define, and inquiry into a ground of characteristics, government decisions that put forward the position of the government decision with the basic procedure, method that crest, government make policy with main theories mode.The second part is our country government decision the system analyzes, this text put forward here our country government decision the system change with creative, describe out country decision the system be responsible for making from the administration chief democracy science make policy the system to enter the process gradually, and to our country the good and bad proceeding that government decision.The third part makes policy the counterpane studies of the system to the perfect our country government. This part puts forward to draw lessons from the international advanced experience, establishing the democratic decision in sound science system with make policy the mechanism, the procedure of the perfect government decision, then perfect our country government decision system.Textual creative points is as follows:1. The analysis of the good and bad that make policy the system the operation to our country government has the certain theories new meaning.2. This text puts forward of draw lessons from a mechanism for, establishing public participating, expert's argument with government making policy" third combinations'etc . standpoint that international advanced experience walk democracy, science decision contain ce...
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