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Analysis Of Peasant Household's Information Demand Of Hebei

Posted on:2005-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122495728Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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In the 21st century, the information technology swept the whole world, opening a new chapter of international economy. Agricultural economy is also developing at full speed under the push of this whiff of strength, the information consciousness of cadres and masses is strengthened constantly. The present agriculture of our country has already entered into a new developing stage, agricultural production has not merely been restricted by the resource, still restrained by the market day by day, information is regulated and becomes resource distribution of the market and control the agricultural production effective means, and play a more and more important role to the agricultural structural adjustment and improve peasant's income, peasant household's information demand is strengthened constantly. Because of the the influence of ability in the schooling, knowledge structure, search and receive message, no matter peasant households are regarded as the user of the means of production or the supplier of agricultural products , the information occupied is often insufficient, often suffer losses because of inferior position of the market information So, the agricultural operator, produce and manage independently, needs guide of market information urgently. Under the new situation of already joining WTO, structural , regional surplus of agricultural product, agriculture improving effiency, peasants increasing income need accurate, prompt agricultural information. So, rare information becomes one of the main factors of restricting the rural economic growth. Studying peasant household's information demand becomes the objective request for development of era. Hebei makes developing information agriculture as one's own duty too as the important province of China's agricultural economic development, drawing domestic and international advanced experience actively, using the modern information technology to improve peasant households' information demand, meet the need that peasants produce and life modernization , meet the severe challenge after the entry into the WTO.This text is from analysing that the intension and epitaxy of peasant household's information demand, on the basis of analysing information demand of peasant household of Hebei in an all-round way, have analyzed the question that has existed in peasant household's information demand of our province at present, and then put forward the countermeasure of improving peasant household's information demand of our province. The concrete content is as follows: 1.Define the relevant concept of peasant household's information demand, has analyzed the characteristic of information and information dissemination course, put forward the important meaning of information to peasant household's production and life. 2.According to the concrete conditions of our province, have analysed the main type, source of peasant household's information demand of our province in an all-round way, and has summarized in an all-round way the characteristic of the information demand ofpeasant households of Hebei. 3.The factor of influencing peasant household's information demand has a lot of, the actual conditions that this text accords with Hebei put forward the main factor of influencing peasant household's information demand of our province, each influence factor to peasant household's information demand has carried on thorough and serious research, and then through quantize by demand information, measure economic model carry on quantitative analysis to peasant household information influence factor of demand to set up, draw the relevant degree between every influence factor and peasant household's information demand; 4.Contrast to the problems existing in the information demand of peasant household of Hebei, exploring the reason of peasant household information demand increase slowly, putting forward the way to improve information demand of peasant household of Hebei.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant households, Information demand, Information source, Information infrastructure, Quality-oriented education of information
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