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The Study About Law Supervision Over Listed Companies' Accounting Information Disclosure

Posted on:2005-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The securities market is a financial capital market which raising fund and distributing resources. It plays a very important role in the development of national economy, yet it needs being supervised. How to ensure each participant in the market, especially the fund providers' interests, how to maintain market faith through creating fair and competitive environment, how to control the flooding of inveracity information in the market, are always the missions of the securities legal system. As one of the securities legal system, the information disclosure system is the core institution of the securities legal supervising system. It has to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors, but not overreach on the other hand, otherwise excessively strict disclosure requirement will suppress enterprises' interest when they raise funds through this market. Especially under the current situation where the false accounting information of securities market overflows, the information legal system needs being perfected further.This thesis probes into the problem of fake information disclosure from the point of law supervision, and it tries to know the relevant laws and regulations of the accounting information disclosure system from macroscopical perspective, in order to consider the tenet of the laws and regulations of every department and correspond them synthetically while legislating and enforcing the law in the future. Firstly, the paper retrospects the development of the information disclosure system at home and abroad for the purpose of more clear cognition of the system. Then it compares the domestic and international frame and contents of information disclosure in order to find out the difference among them. As another legal system-the legal liability system, it decides the level of violation punishment and it is related to the other legal system, so the paper does some researches on it and focuses on the weakest segment--the civil responsibility. The paper has analysed the present situation of accounting information disclosure in our country based on some cases and statistic data, and anatomized the legal supervisorycause of this situation. Finally, according to the comparison and case analysis,the paper brings up some advices: the defmitude of legal supervisory target, the reasonable partition of responsibilities between legal supervisory bodies, the perfection of legal content, the reinforcement of legal enforcement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Listed Company, Accounting Information Disclosure, Legal Liability, Law Supervision
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