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Study On Legal Supervision Of Accounting Information Disclosure Of Listed Companies In China

Posted on:2013-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Accounting information plays a decisive role in the economic life of the world,including the disclosure of accounting information of listed companies to beregulation require sound legal regulatory system due to the interest level of diversityand the complexity of the actual operation. To build a sound accounting informationdisclosed in the legal and regulatory system is one of the problems to be addressed inthe national stock market building.In this paper, through a comparative analysis, to follow the principle ofcombining theory and practice, from the basic theory of accounting informationdisclosure, the disclosure of regulatory status quo from the accounting information oflisted companies in China, exist in the regulatory accounting information disclosure oflisted companies in China analysis of the issues, and the successful experience offoreign developed accounting Information disclosure regulation is proposed toimprove the methods and measures, in order to protect China’s stock marketspecifications, and run efficiently.Part I: Public Company Accounting Information disclosure Overview, as thebeginning of the paper, the disclosure of accounting information. Firstly, son themeaning and content of accounting information disclosure of listed companies.Secondly, the four criteria for disclosure of accounting information. Finally, thefunction of accounting information disclosure of listed companies, mainly from theprotection of the interests of investors and stock market resource configuration andsecurities market regulation three discusses.Part II: regulated by the laws of the U.S. Public Company Accountinginformation disclosure. Disclosure of accounting information in the United Stateslegislation on China as the world’s securities legislation is the most advanced and perfect state, a great revelation. Therefore, focuses on a few basic legal informationdisclosure of U.S. listed companies, including early state legislature-"blue sky" laws,"the Securities Act of1933, the Securities Exchange Act of1934and Sarbanes-OxleyAct."On this basis, combined with China’s practice of reference of the U.S.legislation to improve the relevant legislation of our country.Part III: the legal and regulatory accounting information disclosure of listedcompanies in China the status quo, and then pointed out that the existing legal andregulatory aspects, and in-depth Analysis of the cause of the problem, namely theimproper intervention of administrative power, not the governance structure andinternal punishment of violations disclosed imperfect.Part IV: the first of four parts on the basis of a number of proposals on improvingthe legal and regulatory accounting information disclosure of listed companies inChina. First, it is recommended to sort out the relevant laws, regulations, and establishthe "Securities Act" as the core science, unified accounting information disclosed inthe legislative system; Second, the proposal clearly regulate the division ofresponsibilities between the main; third, increase penalties for violations; Fourth,improve the system of civil liability of accounting information disclosure of listedcompanies and litigation; Fifth, improve the supervision of listed companies withinthe disclosure of accounting information regulation is proposed to improve themethods and measures, in order to protect China’s stock market specifications, andrun efficiently.
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